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Best Golf Clubs for Beginners

Best Golf Clubs for Beginners

by: Troy Degarnham

If you’re a beginner golfer you’ll want to find the best set of golf clubs for your beginning game. You want to look for clubs that are going to work well for you even when you hit the ball off center. This is because as you learn how to swing and hit the ball you’re going to be hitting a lot of balls to the side. What you’re looking for is a “perimeter-weighted” club that puts the majority of the weight of the club to the edges of the club head so that even a shot that is poorly hit won’t turn on you completely.

If you want to find a good beginner club that lets you get the golf ball up and into the air you’re going to want to look for golf clubs that allow “sole weighting”. Sole weighting ensures that the center of gravity is lower and puts the weight beneath the ball, lifting it into the air faster and easier. Many beginners have trouble hitting with long irons. If you’re having this trouble you’ll want to buy golf clubs that are known as “Hybrid” irons. These golf clubs give you a combination of an iron and a wood head, allowing you to put more weight behind the ball so you can hit it easier.

Beginner golfers should use golf clubs that have a larger club head so that the spot on the ball is easier to hit. Any shots that you hit that are off center will cause your ball to lose distance during the shot. Golf clubs with a larger head will make it easier for you to hit the “sweet spot” of the ball. Titanium clubs are a good choice for beginners since they are lighter in weight than steel golf clubs and much stronger. This can give you a good feel for the swing of the club so you can work towards hitting your balls square on.

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Although Troy Degarnham is not a Professional golfer by any stretch of the imagination he has played the game socially for the past 20 years. His hope is that his Golfing research will provide a dramatic improvement to your game, and himself. For more information, visit thegolfclub.info for lots of handy tips and information on Golf.

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westchester county golf course, golf course reviews

Golf 101 for Beginners

Swinging the golf club and hitting the ball is the first step, what happens next is up to you. How do you improve your golf game? Find out how from expert golfers and golf trainers with these articles on golf tips and golf lessons for beginners.

Know the rules of golf, its concepts and history. Visit different golf courses and get to know famous golf players in golf history. Explore WestchesterCountyGolf.com for the information you need on everything golf.

golf for beginners article

How Do You Play Golf: The Basic Rules

Golf is played by hitting a ball using a club on an area called "teeing ground." Once the ball is hit, it usually travels fairways across and onto a next prepared area. A hole could be found in this area that is called a "putting green."


golf for beginners article, golf course introduction

The Golf Course

Golf courses have no regulation length or shape, but most consist of 18 holes numbered 1 to 18. Playing all 18 holes makes up a round of golf. Some courses have only nine holes. Each hole is played twice for a round.


golf for beginners article, golf equipment introduction
Golf Equipment: An Introduction

A golfer's main equipment consists of the ball and a set of clubs. Each club is designed to play a particular type of stroke or to hit the ball a certain distance.


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