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Golf for Beginners

What Makes A Good Golfer?

By: Declan Tobin

A good golfer is a golfer who is happy with their own game and willing to listen to advice from experience. A good temperament is needed to play golf, expect bad days it happens everyone from low handicappers to full professionals. Having a hot head will only cause you more problems.

It can be daunting when starting as there is so much to remember but take time to practice and go to the driving range to help improve teeing off. Looking around the golf course you will see some players and think “Will I ever get to that level”? Remember everybody is different and we are not all made to be professionals, you should go out to do your best and bring in the best possible score and most of all, take home the enjoyment of the day.

Teeing Off:

How many times have we seen the big hitters hit the ball out of sight, if you are thinking that way starting, think again. You should be thinking of placement and keeping the ball in play. Hitting the ball a long way is one think, keeping it in play and well placed for the next shot is the way to think. The driver can be a difficult club to use of the tee when starting but practice will make it easier. If you are using the over-sized drivers like most are remember to tee the ball up higher than normal to avoid knocking the ball down. If you find the 3 or 5 wood easier to hit then hit that until your game improves. On a par 4 or 5 many people hit a low iron from the tee. Whatever you are comfortable with, use.

A good swing:

In golf timing is everything. By swinging faster and harder you will not hit the ball any further, and most possibly will end up hitting a horrible shot anyway. A slow backswing and a good steady hit will make all the difference, rushing in golf gets you nowhere. Keep a steady head and do not raise it too quickly to see where the ball has gone, if you do you may find yourself going hard right if you are using right hand clubs and vice versa if using left handed clubs. Feet position is important; align your feet correctly to avoid an unwanted right to left or left to right shot.

Clubbing from the fairway:

If you find that you are looking from the fairway to the green you need to choose your next club carefully, under clubbing will leave you short and possible in the bunker or water hazard, over clubbing will leave you long and possibly in similar danger. Overtime you will become aware of all the clubs in your bag and the distance you can hit each one comfortably. You find yourself between clubs, meaning the next shot for example is neither an 8 or 9 iron. In a case like this do not hit the 9iron and try to force the shot, hit the 8 and go slightly down the shaft allowing you total control over the shot.

Good Golf Gear and Clubs:

Like in most cases it depends on the budget you have. Golf clubs can range from a couple of hundred dollars to thousands. Are you brand orientated? As a keen golfer myself and off a handicap of four I play most of my golf in Ireland and in the US and from my travels I have seen beginners in both countries spending obscene money starting. We all want the best but the clubs will not do the work for you. You are not going to notice exceptional back spin or side spin starting so start with a sensible budget and build from there. It’s you who needs the practice to improve the overall play. Clubs worth $3,000 dollars will not help you starting anymore than clubs worth $400. If you have extra cash to spend put it into golf shoes or waterproof clothing or spend it on traveling to other golf courses to gain experience.

Reducing handicaps:

There is no magic stick here, practice is the only way to improve and by improving you will automatically reduce your handicap either by observation from the golfing committee you belong to or by winning a prise or two. Listen to others and learn, you need to have an open mind playing golf and be willing to try new shots, different stances and even new equipment as time goes by.

Like all you will reach your peak and the best you will get out of golf is the enjoyment of getting out but for the elite few that next level could be pro.

About The Author:

Declan Tobin is a successful freelance writer providing advice for consumers on purchasing a variety of Golf Equipment which includes Golf Apparel, Golf Bags, and more! His numerous articles provide a wonderfully researched resource of interesting and relevant information for all of your Golf interests and needs. No1 in Golf

Article Source: ArticleCity.com

westchester county golf course, golf course reviews

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golf for beginners article

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golf for beginners article, golf course introduction

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golf for beginners article, golf equipment introduction
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